How to install ESA SNAP on Ubuntu Linux

Today, someone who wants to switch from Windows to Linux asked me if I could help him run ESA SNAP on Ubuntu. I thought it would be interesting for the blog, too. For those who don’t know: ESA SNAP (Sentinel Application Platform) is the common architecture for all Sentinel Toolboxes.

There is no SNAP package for the aptitude manager, but a sh. installation file for Unix systems, you can download from the official ESA Science Toolbox Exploitation Platform. (Consequently, you do not update your SNAP Environment over apt upgrade, but within its GUI, later on.)

So, let’s start:

Important: You need Java for the installation. I recommend that the latest version is installed on your Ubuntu Linux.
Open your terminal, and let’s check it:

java -version

If your Java is out-of-date or not installed on your system at all:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install default-jre

Now you are ready for the installation process. Download the Unix 64-bit .sh file for the current (5.0.0) SNAP version.

Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the file and make it executable:

sudo chmod +x

Execute the installer:

sudo ./

Now follow the instructions in the ESA SNAP installer menu:













If you do not want to use SNAP as a super user later on, choose your folders wisely.
If you want to use the Python interface later on, choose your favored installed Python version.

Now start SNAP:

sudo snap

If there are Updates available, SNAP will notify you in the lower right corner of the GUI.

If you wish to install Plugins, such as SEN2COR, go to Tools>Plugins>Available Plugins.

That’s it!

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