How to Change Sleep Settings in Ubuntu 2

How to Change Sleep Settings in Ubuntu

When a computer is in a state of inactivity, it can enter into a power saving mode called sleep mode. In sleep mode all superfluous processes are turned down, and just some power is provided to RAM to keep data. We can change the sleep settings of computers in Windows, Mac or Linux. The write-up is focusing on how to change the sleep settings in Ubuntu:

Follow the procedures stated below to successfully change sleep settings in Ubuntu:

Method 1: How to Change Sleep Setting Through Power Setting in Ubuntu

Step 1: Open Settings by going to Activities overview and type settings in the search bar and click on Settings icon:

How to Change Sleep Settings in Ubuntu 3

Step 2: The Settings window will be opened, click on “Power” from the left list and the Power panel will open on the right side:

How to Change Sleep Settings in Ubuntu 4

Step 3: Under “Power Saving” option click on Automatic Suspend:

How to Change Sleep Settings in Ubuntu 5

Step 4: Select on “Plugged In” or “On Battery Power”, turn on the switch and select Delay time of your choice. Both of these settings can be customized:

How to Change Sleep Settings in Ubuntu 6

I switched on “On Battery Power” and set its delayed time to 20 minutes. You can change your settings accordingly. That means when your laptop is on battery power, it will be suspended after 20 minutes. You can set settings for Plugged In mode as well.

Method 2: How to put PC on Sleep through Terminal

There are no direct approaches to manipulate sleep settings in terminal, but there are couple of methods to suspend all activities of your Ubuntu PC or put it on hibernate mode through terminal:

Suspend your system : Firstly, open the terminal and run the below mentioned command to suspend your System:

$ systemctl suspend

How to Change Sleep Settings in Ubuntu 7

After running the above command your system will be suspended and a black screen will appear.

Hibernate your system : Run the command mentioned below to make your system enter to hibernate mode:

$ systemctl hibernate

How to Change Sleep Settings in Ubuntu 8

After running this command, a black screen will appear, that means your system is now in hibernate state.

By moving the pointer or by pressing some key from the keyboard you will recover from hibernate state.


When your computer is not in use it automatically goes to sleep mode after a set time. We can change the sleep settings and, in this article, we defined easy approaches to change sleep settings in your Linux OS (Ubuntu), one is through power setting and other is through terminal approach. Moreover, you can create custom scripts to modify your sleep settings.

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