Atinout on Ubuntu

A software called Atinout reads a list of AT instructions. It sends each instruction/command to the modem one at a time while waiting for the current command’s final result code before moving on to another command on the list. Atinout is a program that runs the AT commands in order and records the modem’s answer. In this article, we will discuss the installation and the use of Atinout on Ubuntu systems.

Atinout is an application available for different versions of Linux. Ubuntu is a Linux operating system that is very popular and easy to use. We can install and use Atinout on the Ubuntu system.

of Atinout on Ubuntu

Atinout is a Linux application whose most recent version is atinout-0.9.1.tar.gz. It can be run online under the free workstation hosting service, OnWorks.

Step 1: Download the application

Download the “atinout-0.9.1.tar.gz” application using the following link: ‘

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Step 2: Set the Username on Onworks File Manager

In the browser’s search bar, enter the link “” with the username that you want to set. The following window will appear. Type the username and password and hit “Enter”.

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Step 3: Upload the Extracted “atinout” File

After logging in, a new window appears. Click on “Export”, then a pop-up opens. Click on “browse”.

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Select the extracted file from the “Downloads” folder.

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Close the pop-up after the upload is complete and all the files are uploaded to Onworks.

Atinout on Ubuntu 1

After the installation of Atinout on the computer, use the application.

Or you can also use the following methods:

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Download With a Git Repository

Check the code of the following git repository:

git clone git:// atinout

Configure Atinout

These lines of code will read a list of AT commands from a file/stdin. Each command will be sent to the modem. The modem’s answer will be written to a file/stdout.


Example 1: The Following Codes Are To Hang up a Call

$ echo ATH | atinout – /dev/ttyACM0 –




$ echo AT > linux.txt

$ atinout linux.txt /dev/ttyS0 ouput.txt

$cat ouput.txt




Example 2: Hang up any Ongoing Calls

$ echo ATH | atinout – /dev/ttyACM0




Example 3: Add Two Entries in the Phonebook

$ atinout – /dev/ttyACM0 – EOF



$ AT+CPBW=,”1234456788”,123,”B.Endian”







Atinout is a piece of software or a set of instructions that reads a list of AT commands. It is available for various Linux operating systems, including Ubuntu — a popular Linux operating system. In this article, we discussed the installation and downloading of the Atinout code and its examples, such as how to hang up a phone call and how to enter contact numbers.

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