How to Install Tor Browser on Ubuntu 20.04 2

How to Install Tor Browser on Ubuntu 20.04

Tor is free and open-source web browser used for anonymous browsing. It routes the network traffic through the tor network to hide user identity. Tor network is available worldwide, through the volunteer overlay network consisting of more than seven thousand relays. Tor browser provides some of the best solutions to protect your privacy from spying agencies on your network.

In some countries tor is illegal to use or blocked. So before using Tor browser, be sure its allowed to use in your country. As of today, Tor is not illegal to use in United States and India.

This article will help you to install Tor browser on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux system.

Installing Tor Browser on Ubuntu

Tor browser launcher makes easier to install and use Tor Browser on GNU/Linux users. You can install torbrowser-launcher directly from the default repositories on Ubuntu 20.04 systems.

Login to your system with sudo privileged account and open a terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and type:

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher 

Press ‘y’ for any confirmation asked by the installer.

This will install Tor Browser launcher on your system (not Tor browser). The Tor browser will be installed in next step.

Using Tor Browser

Search for torbrowser-launcher in all applications un Activities from Ubuntu desktop systems. You can also launch application by executing command torbrowser-launcher on terminal.

At the first time, this will install Tor Browser or ask you to install as below screenshot.

Installing tor browser Ubuntu

Keep all settings as default and click on “Install Tor Browser” button.

Connect to tor network

Once the installation finished, it will launch Tor browser on your system. Click the “Connect” button to connect Tor Browser to the Tor network for secure browsing.

Installing Tor browser on Ubuntu 20.04

That’s it. You have successfully installed Tor Browser on your system.

Uninstall Tor Browser

When you found tor browser is no more in use, you can remove it from your system. To remove Tor browser, just type following command from system terminal:

sudo apt purge torbrowser-launcher 


This tutorial helped you to install Tor browser on Ubuntu 20.04 desktop system. Now, Tor browser will hide your identity and allow you to browser web securely.

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