Ubuntu vs Arch: Which Linux Distro is better? 2

Ubuntu vs Arch: Which Linux Distro is better?

Ubuntu and Arch Linux offer entirely different desktop experiences.

It is often tough to choose one of them as your daily driver, especially when you cannot ignore the benefits of Arch Linux and Ubuntu.

They are both incredible choices for what they are. But, how do you choose what is best between these two?

Here, I highlight various differences between Ubuntu and Arch Linux that can help you decide.

1. Targeted Users

Arch Linux aims to provide a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) experience to tinkerers looking to customize various elements of their Linux system.

Things like building packages to customizing the desktop, everything counts.

The out-of-the-box experience depends on the user who installs and sets up Arch Linux. Hence, it can easily cater to users looking for different packages, desktop environments, and more.

On the other hand, Ubuntu targets users who want a hassle-free pre-configured setup for their Linux system.

These users want essential tools installed, ensuring it all works as it is supposed to. In other words, the user gets an ideal desktop experience without worrying about setting it up.

Ubuntu does not want users to put more effort into improving their experience. Instead, they present it as they think would suit most users.


Undoubtedly, Ubuntu provides a more straightforward installation method, given that you get a GUI to help install it to your desktop.

Arch Linux wiki is probably one of the most extensive documentation if you want to explore yourself.

9. Release Schedule

Ubuntu offers a Long-Term Support version that receives minor updates for five years or more (for enterprises).

Is Arch Better than Ubuntu?

Yes, and no. Arch Linux is technically better, but you also need to think about its stability, app ecosystem, and the learning curve to maintain it. So, you need to re-evaluate the answer to this question based on your preferences.

Which is faster, Ubuntu or Arch?

Arch Linux, with a minimal installation setup. But, the answer will change as per your configuration.

Note that Ubuntu is not noticeably slower, but just because it includes more packages out of the box, some might find it bloated.

Should I switch to Arch Linux from Ubuntu?

If you want to tweak your experience, and want the latest/greatest packages all the time without worrying about stability, Arch Linux is your friend.

If you think that you just need the essentials to carry out the tasks on your PC, Ubuntu should suffice.


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