Top 8 Free and Open-Source Video Making Software 2

Top 8 Free and Open-Source Video Making Software

“Content is King”, is a powerful quote and absolutely correct when it comes to portraying ideas and creative thoughts during the cutthroat competition to stand out. The digital era has led developed countries to various trends in terms of content space. Companies and businesses are being witnessed engaging themselves in the videos, where it provides an edge to effectively communicate their services and products to their customers. Brands ensure to create their market presence therefore they have started investing in video-making software that generates positive reactions on social media, shares, and overall customer conversions. Video, if put together rightly by brands, highlights their positive impact on important factors such as environmental or social for the betterment of the society which also grabs the attention. To grasp maximum audience, companies work on their content to be an appealing and catchy video that could be broadcasted via all social media platforms which leads to a higher conversion count across different geographies. Organizations and brands understand the importance and their dependence on video-making apps or software as it helps them get closer to achieving their marketing and financial goals for that matter. Companies avoid depending upon third parties which results in a high budget, therefore they invest in such video-making software that helps them control costs and saves time with the option of multi-format video experimentations for different campaigns which results in effective communication through videos and customer conversions. Here, in this article, we have briefly discussed the top free and open-source video-making software which enables companies to generate more revenue, profitability, and build great customer relationships.

OBS Studio

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OBS Studio is open-source video-making software that helps you create great videos with the help of its built-in tools according to content requirements. It’s market-leading and intuitive software with multiple features to add variety to your masterpiece.

The powerful features incorporated in this software are Video Capture, Video Conferencing, Video Editing tools, YouTube Uploading for greater reach, File Management, Multi-Screen Recording, On-Demand Recording, Screen Capture, Screen Recording, Audio capture and collaboration tools, and more.

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ShotCut is open-source software that is particularly designed for professionals in the creative field incorporated with multiple functionalities and powerful features to enable users to manifest amazing visual art. Organizations benefit from its extensive features.

The amazing features included in this software are Drag & Drop, File Management, Multiple Format Support, Search/Filter, Supports HD Resolution, Text Overlay, Video Editing, Video Management, Video Support.

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Pitivi is free and open-source software with an intuitive interface for creative professionals. It is fully equipped with astonishing features such as a loudness detection mechanism, auto backups to avoid crucial data loss, etc. It also helps you work on multiple projects simultaneously.

The software comes with the features like a massive library of industry-standard templates that helps in transitions, multi-format storage, text-to-video feature, text overlay feature to superimpose text on videos, capabilities to create animations with the use of powerful filters along with an extensive media library, and more.

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Top 8 Free and Open-Source Video Making Software 3

Moovly is a free open-source video-making software where the users don’t have to be an expert. With built-in tremendous features, brands can enlighten their customers about their products and services in various artistic ways for a better understanding. The tool is cross-platform compatible which takes the adaptability of the enhanced platform to the next level.

The features are Video Support, Voice-Over / Audio, Watermarking, Text to Video, Third-Party Integrations, Social Sharing, Speed Adjustment, Split / Merge, Supports HD Resolution, Collaboration Tools, Content Library, Data Import/Export, API, Animation, customizable templates and many more.

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OpenShot is open-source software that assists the users to manifest great visuals with the help of powerful tools fused in the software. Brands ensure to be creative and engaging by providing catchy content to their customers which leads to following and brand awareness. This software is cross-platform compatible which enhances the adaptability of the software.

The core features are Speed Adjustment according to the content, the Split and Merge feature, which supports HD Resolution for enhanced clarity, Text Overlay, Audio Capture facility, 3D Video Editing, and many more.

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Top 8 Free and Open-Source Video Making Software 4

Wave.Video is a priceless powerful video-making software that assists young creative professionals to empower, manifest, and portray influencing content ensuring conversions and profitability. Brands can easily integrate it with third parties for a higher reach.

The core features are Privacy Options, Reporting/Analytics, Social Sharing, Speed Adjustment, Split / Merge, Supports HD Resolution, Templates, Text Overlay, Video Creation, Video Editing, Video Streaming, Voice-Over / Audio, Animation, Brand Overlay, Collaboration tools, and the list goes on.

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Top 8 Free and Open-Source Video Making Software 5

Kdenlive is another fascinating and feature-packed tool that allows users to design and make the most intuitive and attractive videos. The features and capabilities of the tool make the video editing process most seamless for its users. On top of that, the tool is free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible making it an exceptionally adaptable and flexible software.

The core features are Animations, Video Sharing, Video and image management, Unlimited Track, Title Editor, Video Effect, Keyframes, multi-track video editing feature, Audio Waveform, flexible theming engines, auto-backup feature, Slow Motion & Time Effect, Desktop Integration

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Top 8 Free and Open-Source Video Making Software 6

Flowblade is open-source video-making software that contributes to brand awareness into the market with built-in multiple tools and features to make the content mesmerizing. The features and functionalities incorporated in the tool allow users to make the most captivating and professional videos.

The features are as follows Advanced timeline control, multi-track editing, G’mic tool, unending list of keyframing capabilities, all major audio and video formats supported with the help of FFMpeg libraries, image, and audio filtering capabilities, output encoding, advanced list of built-in title tools, and the list goes on.

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Closing Remarks

In this article, we have summarized the top 8 open-source video-making software that assists companies to build their brand, higher engagements, greater conversions, and a strong customer relation with the help of artistic video content. Choosing the right tools and techniques saves time, boosts productivity, and cuts costs for companies. Therefore, the discussed platforms are OBS Studio, ShotCut, Pitivi, Moovly, OpenShot,, Kdenlive, and Flowblade respectively. These software solutions are equipped with enhanced features with an engaging user interface ensuring great and stunning video editing and creation.


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