Best 6 Social Media Marketing Software

Social Media has proven to be the most effective, efficient, and far-reaching medium for enhancing and promoting businesses worldwide which boosts in capturing a higher audience. The most popular social media platforms that have changed the dimension of the digital presence are Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Social media assists in influencing the buying decisions of potential customers if the tools and techniques are rightly applied which also helps in boosting your reach and grasp after positive feedback. It also empowers brands as it gives autonomy to play around with tools that can be used to your success along with providing the right service and product in front of your target audience. Just a simple post or a short video doesn’t always do the magic to survive in the competition. Therefore, it is mandatory to implement social media marketing and its features and tools to optimize the overall brand awareness which helps in converting new customers and engaging the existing ones. It provides a competitive edge over those who do traditional marketing because social media has a vast reach when it comes to hitting the right audience, demographics, gender, age, and much more. Implementing social media marketing software tools helps brands in overcoming challenges as it provides multiple ways to not lose business credibility, it helps in gathering information and insights about your customers and audience in detail, it guides in automating content scheduling in advance which secures the time and helps you manage other tasks simultaneously. Here, in this article, we have listed the best 6 social media marketing software in which brands and businesses invest to optimize their sales, profits and enhance their vendors and customers list. It helps in engaging with your audience by commenting and sharing in real-time. It provides intelligent analytics which assists in providing powerful ideas to implement to boost your sales, similarly, it becomes convenient to put all the workforce on the same page to conversate with each other while sharing reports regarding specific digital marketing campaigns.



HootSuite is an amazing social media marketing software that is used by millions and empowers businesses and brands to automate digital campaigns, manage multiple accounts simultaneously which gives a competitive edge in the cutthroat competition. It helps in gathering all the important information and insights about the results from the campaigns which further helps in improving and boosting the next digital campaigns.

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The fascinating features incorporated in this software are Web Traffic Reporting, Website Analytics, Workflow Management, Third-Party Integrations, Social Media Integration, Social Media Management, Social Media Monitoring, Social Performance Management, Social Promotion, Social Sharing, Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Time Notifications, Real-Time Reporting, Real-time Updates, Reporting & Statistics, Multi-Channel Communication, Multi-Channel Data Collection, Multi-Channel Management, Multi-Channel Marketing, Conversion Tracking, Customer Database, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience Management, Customer Segmentation, Audience Targeting, Automated Publishing, Automated Scheduling, Behavior Tracking, and many more down the list.

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Buffer is yet another social media marketing software that is trusted by businesses, brands, individuals which assists in driving massive, meaningful digital engagements and results on social media platforms. It aids in managing multiple accounts, scheduling campaigns in advance, and analyzing reports generated from campaigns that give behaviors of customer engagements.

The powerful features included in this software are as follows Automated Publishing, Automated Scheduling, Collaboration Tools, Campaign Management, Multi-Account Management, Multi-Channel Attribution, ROI Tracking, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting & Analytics, Social Media Integration, Social Media Monitoring, Social Performance Management, Social Promotion, Third-Party Integrations, Visual Analytics, and the list go on.

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DrumUp is a social media marketing and content marketing solution that assists businesses to schedule digital campaigns, posts, generating content suggestions, monitoring multiple accounts, and much more on a single platform.

The features incorporated in this software are Multi-Account Management, Post Scheduling, Link Analytics, Link Shortening, Marketing and Advertising, Content Management, Automated Publishing, Reporting/Analytics, Third-Party Integration capabilities, and much more.

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Hivency is an amazing social media marketing software that is designed to empower businesses, brands and collaborate with social media influencers to help them promote their products and services in front of the right audience to boost engagement, sales, and brand credibility. It comprises a smart artificial intelligence system that helps businesses in finding the right social media influencer that meets the required criteria to boost sales and engage customers that helps in digital presence.


The super-intuitive features included in this are as follows Campaign Analytics, Campaign Management, Campaign Planning, Campaign Scheduling, Campaign Segmentation, Chat & Messaging, Collaboration Tools, Communication Management, Contact Database, ROI Tracking, Ratings & Reviews, Real-Time Analytics, Real-Time Data, Reporting & Statistics, Social Media Monitoring, Dashboard, Data Import/Export, Data Visualization, Demographic Data, Email Marketing, and much more.

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Scal-e is a powerful social media marketing solution that enhances the reach of audiences via customer loyalty programs and customer data management to gain an entire view on customer tendencies and their behavior so the brands and businesses could make timely and right decisions accordingly to boost their market presence, capture the maximum audience, and boost sales.

This software consists of amazing features such as Automated Responses, Batch Communications, Behavior Analytics, Behavior Tracking, Behavioral Analytics, Brand Tracking, Contact Management, Content Management, Contextual Targeting, Customer Engagement, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Profiles, Customer Segmentation, Data Masking, Data Migration, Data Profiling, Data Quality Control, Data Security, Device Targeting, Marketing Automation, Marketing Calendar, Mass Texting, Social Advertising, Social Marketing, Social Media Monitoring, and the list go on.

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Social HorsePower

Another amazing social media marketing software is Social HorsePower which helps in generating and scheduling campaigns to target your customers and new audience with the help of its super-intuitive features. Multiple accounts can easily be managed and a new audience can easily be compelled to engage on the digital posts or any other campaigns.

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The features included are as follows Automated Publishing, Calendar Management, Campaign Analytics, Campaign Management, Campaign Planning, Campaign Scheduling, Campaign Segmentation, Click Tracking, Collaboration Tools, Commenting & Notes, Compliance Management, Contact Database, Content Discovery, Content Library, Content Management, Conversion Tracking, Customizable Branding, Customizable Reports, Data Import & Export, Social Advertising, Social Media Integration, Social Media Monitoring, Social Performance Management, Social Promotion, Tagging, Third-Party Integration capabilities, and many more.

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Closing Remarks

In this article, we have discussed the best 6 social media marketing software that empowers businesses and brands to enhance their digital marketing skills to capture a higher target audience, based on their demographics, gender, age, behavior, and more that helps in generating the right digital campaigns to display in front of their audience to engage them and boost sales. The mentioned platforms are HootSuite, Buffer, DrumUp, Hivency, Scal-e, and Social HorsePower respectively. These social media marketing solutions help in managing multiple social accounts, assist in creating content and schedule them according to the maximum social media traffic. It also provides return on investment (ROI) tracking which helps in understanding the budget allocated for digital campaigns and how to optimize it further, similarly, it provides entire reports and analytics with the help of artificial intelligence that gives a competitive edge to the users, brands, and businesses to make business decisions timely to create a bigger difference.


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