March 16, 2022

Cloud Adjacent Storage

What is cloud adjacent storage? Put simply, cloud adjacent storage is just a privately owned and operated storage system, within network reach of a cloud provider’s region, but without the pay-as-you-grow and access charges found in public clouds. Why is cloud adjacent storage a better choice than public cloud storage? Public clouds were created around […]

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What are Linux containers?

Over the last decade, containers have become an essential part of running infrastructure more efficiently. Containers enable productivity, automation, and cost-effective deployments. But there are different types of containers to consider, and this blog explains what Linux containers are, and how they differ from application containers. Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash  Application vs system

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How to Install Neovim Editor on Ubuntu 20.04

Neovim is an extendable Vim-based text editor. It can be extended using plugins and APIs. It can also be hosted on the cloud for teamwork. It is compatible with the Vim editing model and Vimscript. Neovim is 30% lighter than regular Vim. It comes with an excellent modern interface. Neovim has a built-in terminal emulator

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